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Corpays is a word created mixing the french for « body » and « land ». It’s about proposing representations in contrast with what mainstream normativity conveys : white, thin, ferm, young, hairless… It also aims to question the way we look at pictures : what do we see first ? Are we jumping too fast, recognising familiar human shapes ? Or is it the natural abstract that catch our eyes ? Can we welcome the montage ? Last but not least, creating an image mixing a human body with earth or bark, may also be challenging for those who consider themselves masters and not part of an ecosystem.

I had this idea on my mind for years : consider bodies the same way I look at landscapes. The oldest pictures I used to create this series were made in 2012 and the most recent mixes were made earlier this year. Each image is made mixing 2 photograph : one of a body part, and one of the ground around the Salagou lake or of barks (fig tree, redcedar, eucalyptus, plane tree), using Gimp, an open source software.

I want to thank the persons who posed for this project. Their skin tones and postures are a sensible component of the series.

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