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BiC : Le silence hurlant

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Bic Silence hurlant_light

« Exposition BiC : le silence hurlant, is a project which origins is in the beauty of the digital print created by sound during the recording sessions BiC, a radio show on RPH. »

Damien Noll et Jeremy Stein, came up with this project before quiting producing their broadcast on the radio I also work with. Several local visual artists created pieces especially for this exhibition, all inspired by the digital print left by sound.

bande son image

Damien urged me to embrace a larger scale. My composition is based on the opening credit of a brodcast I’ve been producing or coproducing that was created by my orginal teammate. Expositive is the title of the magazine, and also of my piece featured above.

There was a solid analogy between the cut and paste process you may have preparing a radio show and the way I built my 2m per 2m48cm painting. I wanted to let it show during the openning so I displayed the rushes on the floor below.


chutes à plat

I invited the viewers to pick a piece of painted paper to participate in the disappearing of the unsused rushes, taking those away with them. I also used those as material for workshops when I welcame classes to visit the exhibition.

At the end of the exhibition, I gave the piece to the local concert hall that just got named Le sonambule.

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