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Of bodies in this place

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This is a participative project that was first hosted by The Third Space in Helsinki, in august 2015.

It proposes to claim or reclaim public spaces and question how we percieve people hanging there or just passing through, and how we feel entitled, or not, to do so.
With each group of participants, we reflect on a figure and a place where to display in the neighborhood. Wether this figure is familiar in such a place or not. For each sculpture, we choose an object for it to interact with : it can be a piece of urban furniture, a object we recycle or recreate especially. vitrine-squareDuring the discussions, I shape a model for the future piece, for us to refer to when building directly on the spot. Participants are invited to stick notes on a map to record the sensations or events they might have shared about the aera during this first step.

The sculptures are made of materials collected from waste. Participants are welcome to join their efforts to the gathering  process.


The damages from the weather or from people going by may bring additionnal meaning to the installations.
Models are exhibited in the room where we have the discussion workshop, alongside a map showing the places where the larger sculptures were/are/to be set up. Participants and visitors are invited to pin pictures featuring date and time on the the map. These datas are also available on a blog, have a look at the customized map here under.

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