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IE – IanE Sirota, a path, a search

Growing up near Paris, with a family background involved in education, they had access to creative activities in early age. Clay instead of modeling paste, and soon oil pastel rather than felt pens. An art teacher that makes a mark, classes with the « ateliers du carrousel » and random encounters will lead them to a contemporary jewellry school. The search and creation part of the instruction stimulated them so much that they planned on having their own art workshop then, in 1998. Gavering the means to make this project happen, they experienced the working conditions in different industries which moves them deeply. They was shoked by the realisation that the french motto, « Liberté, égalité, Fraternité » (Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood), was pure fiction for so many. From this awareness came a strong feeling of rebellion. In 2010, fed up with the boundaries tying down even in the imaginations, social and political intervention appeared essential. And art is their relevant tool.

To cover a wide spectrum, they express themself using different media, such as writing and sculpting, but also broadcasting on local radios. Using brushes and/or microphones, they’re on a quest of meaning. Their will is to question orders that are so deeply rooted that we might have a hard time acknowledging and/or naming those. Interrogating premises and impacts of social organisations, they wishes to offer a spark of freedom… or of indignation.

autoportrait2016webThe main trigger of social partitioning they aims to tumble is sexism.

To deal with daily aspects conveying patterns of the established order and consented alienations, they has at heart to work with modest materials. Their painting and sculpting are often based on recycling, and concerning photography, they captures images that echo as familiar.
Their own conscience and empowerment growing in the process, their works evolved. For instance, they gave up on framing before using the frames as raw material.
They chooses places to exhibit considering the accessibility of the spaces and enjoys to variate in that matter : outdoors, librairies, carecenters, etc.

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