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Summers ending

I’m pleased to annouce I got selected again by Gender unbound‘s team for this years festival. It was very moving even applying as I sent new montages from Corpays, especially conceived with details of my recently modified body, back in early spring to meet the submission deadline. Several other new pieces from this series were made with pictures documenting my former figure, and were shown in Paris the very month of the procedure. Lire la suite »

As years go by

Big news for my readers who prefer english : at the end of the month, 3 pictures from Corpays will be hanging in Austin Texas !

By now I guess I can write that’s the only international event on my 2018′ agenda. Best wishes to my friends in Tunis and in Rome for Chouftouhonna and Queer Infection Lab, I won’t be attending this year. I won’t be in Austin either, by the way. Maybe I’m getting more and more coherent. Not getting on a plane or crossing the Alps by car to show my ecofeminist pieces seems consistent (I’m trying to talk me out of the frustration, does it show ?) Lire la suite »

Belated post

It’s been months since I havn’t written a post in english. I fell of a lader while hanging a photo series mid-november. The french counter part kept going although I was diminished during the winter, having to use crutches for several weeks. I’m left with a new kind of scar and pain, when the weather is changing. It was pretty challenging as I had a lot going on last winter : hanging another photo series for a one night event, organising a collective exhbition where I shown my sculptures, and preparing for a literary event hundreds of kilometers away.

1re-1-200x300Not being able to walk confortably for long led me to focus on my writting. It was high time, my publisher and I have been through stressing times before the launchhing of the book in june. Sharing about this process in english made little sense to me, as the movel is in french.

Lire la suite »


Another emotionally demanding month. And the next ones might be somehow similar. There’s been some updates on the Exhibitions and events page.


That means I’ll be among the exhibitors while I’m also a part of the group organising the event.

I’m a little tired having so much going on. I hope I’m not forgetting anything. In fact, I know I am. I’m not writing. I’m far behind on that field. I’ve been focussing on several collective involvements and the 3 exhibitions coming up. But that is only true for the last few days as I collected the pictures from the lab for November 11th and December 16th.

I’ve also been thinking and working on remodelling my site. It already shows if you venture in the painting section. The necessary push came from an encounter with my former art teacher. It’s only the second time we meet again, me being an adult. I’m so grateful for his advice and cheering.

I’ve had a nice share of positive rushes these last weeks. I came across a call for artists that was very tempting and made me think about the artists around me I’m eager to work with. The deadline seemed to close to gather around. But I kept thinking about it and at some point told a colleague how much I was thinking of her because of it. Sepideh Rahaa had told me very bluntly she wanted us to work together, that’s why my thoughts kept bouncing around. And she said let’s do it. There was less than a week left to send a proposal. The way she defined the common themes in our works instantly made me think of other artists I love and wanted to introduce to each other :  Aïcha Snoussi and Lily Hook. Sepideh introduced me to Lora Dimova‘s works. And here we were, 5 artists from different backgrounds and living miles away. The energy flow was amazing. The 3 other artist we asked to join were also so enthusiastic. The stressful timing couldn’t fade our joy.

Now we cross our fingers, we should know if our project is selected before my next update around here.

New pictures were posted in the sections Materials and Structures :

Take care !


It’s been a long month. I let the last day slip through without making this update. I try to look forward, focusing on applications. I’m having a hard time in this process, in fact, I’m not focused at all. I made a little planning though. I picked the pictures that will be shown in november :

And 6 others.

I sent a letter for the mail art contest organized in Saint Paul de Vence.

I wanted to participate in drawing attention to James Baldwin’s house which 2 thirds were destroyed these last few years.

I collected the exhibition set in Faugères’ windmill on september the 10th. A storm was coming and I was told the rain might get in damaging my pieces.

The annual general meeting of the local visual artists and craftpeople took place and considering how it turned out, I’m back on the board. We’re more on it than last year. And there should be less on our hands for the year to come.

The exhibition in Olargues happened :

I hadn’t ever heard so much commenting on this series, it was pretty nice.

The emotional roller coaster of the beginning of the month met its epilogue recently. That’s what distracted me from my usual schedule. I found confort since. Everything is still sinking in.

New photographs were added in the Vegetal messes section.

Till next month, take care !



Hey everyone, I’m a bit late for this month’s update as september has already begun. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster this last few days. My back is so sore, I start to think it’s better that I don’t have a packed schedule for the next months. Then I realise I just added an event in the exhibition and events page, that I’m waiting on a confirmation for a one night thing in november, have no clue when an other hanging will take place 900km away from home, I got invited to exhibit along another litterary event in winter, and in a tourist office at some point this season.

Plus, the annual general meeting of the artists’ association I’m involved in coming up, I restarted working my broadcast, and there’s a proposal that needs to be urgently wrapped up for another festival…

My plate is not as empty as I thought last month.

The night of the 24th was beautiful. Not enough breeze to freeze before 10pm and breathtaking view to the see and the Pyrénées’ skyline. I was very impressed with Caroline Duris skills : she had no time to have a proper rehearsal and the machinery that was set up on the spot was absolutely not the one she had asked for, and she still delivered very emotional sets. It was very moving on different levels. I was so happy to hear more of Camille Cornu‘s works, for myself, and in front of an audience that clearly wasn’t familiar with it. And then there was the fact that I was sitting there with her as she was discovering which parts of her texts Caroline Duris had chosen and how these were interpreted. I felt so privileged.

Caroline Duris also read poetry of hers, it was beautiful how parts of it resonated with the screening of my pictures.

Here’s what it looked like :

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

The few new pictures where added to the dedicated page, if you whant to have a closer look.

The exhibition in the windmill stays on :

New pictures were also added among Vegetal Messes and (Urban)Landscapes.

Take care !

July 2016

Violence unleashed all other the news. Racism and anti-poor speech still on the rise. This summer feels so heavy and sticky.

Recent gatherings helped me not to drop out. On thursday, I attended le Festival de Mourèze. I booked my tickets early to hear Leyla Mc Calla I missed almost a year ago in Paris. I knew that was the only night I’d available to enjoy the festival so I didn’t want to know too much about the other artists to avoid frustration. I hadn’t even payed much attention to the other singer programmed the same night. It’s when I heard her voice I realized. Djazia Satour. I’m so gratefull for CDs reliability when I think of these few albums I’ve listened countless times such as Dhikrayat, by MIG, her former band.

I appreciated how she introduced her song Klami dedicating it to silenced persons, groups, people.

I also found comfort hugging tight some of the organizers I know from my various participations to the artistic sent that used to take place as a part of the festival.

Wednesday was almost the same kind of night. We were on a breathtaking 360° belvédère for an event mixing wine, food, music and literature. We heard an author reading excerpts of her books. I’m keeping in mind a strong feminist statement among the texts.

It’s happening every week these until august 24th. I’m particularly focused on this last night ’cause I’m invited to participate. The texts involved will be Camille Cornu‘s. I was deeply moved by this proposal, my last exhibitions of the previous season were other for several weeks already. I realized I had nothing on my plate till july 2017 ! I felt inhibited in fact, I wasn’t able to get in touch with the editor/organizer before the recent event, though I got the news 10 days earlier. But now it’s on !

It’s still kinda delightfull seeing traces of Chouftouhonna#2 poping :


New photographs up in 2 categories : Grilles and Perspectives



Take care…


June 2016

12924438_1734710483475356_2777811132741358699_nThe exhibition which started at the end of may is ending in a few days. I’m going to pack back the models made in Helsinki. Maybe they’ll stay in their crate for even longer.

Another exhibition is starting tomorrow. This one is about triptych, so I’ll be showing bits of Petites séries. I havn’t finished hanging yet. I’m tired, I need to adjust to the local heat as I just got back from Paris where summer seems to be even more hesitating.

I haven’t only been in Paris this passed month. I also went West to attend a festival in Niort. I was invited there for a talk about my writing. It was soothing, meeting the organizers that actually were as like minded as I had hoped for.

During this period of time, my energy got spoiled by unnecessary stress caused by poor co-organizers. We ended up cancelling the event last minute. I resisted to long to the collective, some members had voted for a cancellation weeks ago. I wanted to stick to our word. In the end I was more than relieved we didn’t have to show up considering the tensions.

I had other contrasted emotions recently. I’m thrilled I’ll finally be back in the habit by the end of july.

So I didn’t get much done. New pictures are up in Geometry and vegetal messes sections.

Till next month, have a good one !


I’m not yet accustomed to this monthly frequency. It still feels a little weird looking back on this period of time, with a step aside compared to my updates in french.

Even writing « may » had so much echo in me…

At the beginning of the month, I was exhausted. Moving around my sculptures and them a safe place in the house was quite demanding physically.

I was also emotionally drained by bad partnership organizing an upcoming event. I started to consider withdrawing myself from the artists collective I’m part of. Over events along these lasts weeks completely convinced me and I’ve had the opportunity to share the news to my colleagues few days ago.

In the mean time, I attended 2 different festivals. First, Festival Singulièrement Vôtre in Montpellier where I collected 21 interviews from the participating artists for Expositive‘s next season. With another one recorded 30 minutes away from home, I wrapped up this season. I was so relieved being done with that task. I started wondering if I wasn’t to give this up too.

Mid-may was Chouftouhonna time. I was honored and thrilled being invited to the second feminist art festival. It was an moving and stimulating experience. I’m still filled with the joy of meeting so many wonderful people. The energy flows around the commun purpose was exhilarating.

I’m very happy with how my workshop turned out. The sculpture was shaped all through the festival. Its skeleton was assembled before the opening and the last touches were made when the closing ceremony started.

Picture made by the organisers


I was very happy with the spot chosen by the very first participants, granted me the privilege to witness the progress of the other ongoing workshop.

I also had a particular part in watching other the process as I pledged to document it. I took over 250 picture of Aïcha Snoussi and her participants at work (and the people going by). Here’s a glimpse she compiled :


The last touch was all about reclaiming the words we put on our bodies. As we use newspaper to build the sculpture, its made with the words that are available, words we often don’t choose and that are often forced upon us. The process of choosing one’s words seemed to be very relevant for the participants looking at what came up :

For the first time in this kind of occasion, I wasn’t depressed coming back.

I got back wondering what may, or simply will come out of these growing network. The will to focus on the projects that might emerge from all these also participated in leading me to rethink my current involvements.

In the middle of all the stuff I had to deal with for the program of local events, I took the time to work on something that pleases me :

You can find the whole series on the dedicated page Corpays.

An exhibition started last night. It’s the third year I’m co-organizing this event. Proposing exhibition throughout the village of Saint Gervais sur Mare. The art pieces are visible from the streets, set up in widow shops, whether the places are still actual shops or not. Personally, this year I’m in Mrs. Crubezy’s living room some how.

For the first time since I got back from Helsinki after my residency around my participative project Of bodies in this place, the models got out of their crate. I had totally forgot I had enclosed some of the picture in it. A text presents the series and gives the link the interactive map is available.

In this context, I haven’t finished the pieces due next sunday. They must be ready beforehand as I’m leaving for another festival on friday. I didn’t mention this on my event page in english as it’s about my short stories that are in french.

New pictures were shared in the Perspective section.

Have a good month !



A lot hapenned. I’ve had a lot to do the final days before delivering my pieces in Ribérac. I could say I’ve had my share of badluck. I also have to admit hox tired I was and how I kept procastinating. And when I had no other option but to deal with finishing my larger work, well it was raining, hard. So I face the issue I had with the first human size couple I made years ago. The surface was drying but the structure underneath was colapsing, which means the skin would design a shape I didn’t choose.

I riped it off. A lot of paper came along so I went back to my wall paper glue bucket. But it wouldn’t dry fast enough as I was running out of time. I thought it would be safe in it’s box. The box wouldn’t go through the door. I took the sculpture to the car under the rain and we got the box out through the window.

Thankfully it wasn’t raining in Ribérac, and a gentle wind even accelerated the process.

Here’s how it looked on openning night.

And how it looked yesterday when I came to collect my Ninouches.


During the exhibition I recieved awesome news : I’ll be in Tunis in less than two weeks :

I’m honnored and thrilled to take further part in this event.

New pictures are up in the reflection section, click on the one below, you’ll be taken there.

Take care !