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As years go by

Big news for my readers who prefer english : at the end of the month, 3 pictures from Corpays will be hanging in Austin Texas !

By now I guess I can write that’s the only international event on my 2018′ agenda. Best wishes to my friends in Tunis and in Rome for Chouftouhonna and Queer Infection Lab, I won’t be attending this year. I won’t be in Austin either, by the way. Maybe I’m getting more and more coherent. Not getting on a plane or crossing the Alps by car to show my ecofeminist pieces seems consistent (I’m trying to talk me out of the frustration, does it show ?)

It’s been a little over a year I havn’t posted on the english version of my webpages. I still made the updates, though sometimes a bit late, about the exhibitions and new paintings. The major reason for that is maybe in the title of the first page I linked to in the previous sentence. The events I take part in that are not exhibitions often consist in me talking about my first published novel and answering questions about my writing, in french. So I don’t mention these around here.

I just started writing again. I mean, in the optic of another novel. I hope it won’t take seven years to wrap someting up this time around.


My next solo exhibition opens on october 30th. I was planning to show almost a dozen of new pieces but my stamina got knocked off when I received the library’s brochure.

Though I recognize the text describing my work, the pronoun that shows up twice (twice, that means you have to want it to believe there’s a mispelling issue) isn’t mine.

Here are the ones I finished beforehand :

I cross my fingers not to have the same surprise regarding the two other events coming up in february 2019 in Paris, but I feel pessimistic about it.

A lot of new photographs were added these past months, 2 new pages were even created. They have some common traits you can check out :

Take care you all !

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