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Belated post

It’s been months since I havn’t written a post in english. I fell of a lader while hanging a photo series mid-november. The french counter part kept going although I was diminished during the winter, having to use crutches for several weeks. I’m left with a new kind of scar and pain, when the weather is changing. It was pretty challenging as I had a lot going on last winter : hanging another photo series for a one night event, organising a collective exhbition where I shown my sculptures, and preparing for a literary event hundreds of kilometers away.

1re-1-200x300Not being able to walk confortably for long led me to focus on my writting. It was high time, my publisher and I have been through stressing times before the launchhing of the book in june. Sharing about this process in english made little sense to me, as the movel is in french.

My main personnal exhibition for 2017 happenned in july. A dozen of new pieces were conceived for the occasion :

I was very happy with the way the crowd reacted to the series, people got to talk about it. Plus I sold a few, I can’t say it’s not satisfying.

A lot of pictures were added in most of the categories, have a look around in Materials, Geometry, Reflections, Raillings, Urban/Landscape, Perspectives, Vegetal mess, Stairs

Finally, I’m getting to the point that triggered me to write this post : a piece of news english related. Feminine Moments, a website dedicated to queer feminist art, published a text I send along with some pictures froms Corpays. Check it out :


Who knows when I’ll make another post in english ? ’till then (and onwards), take care !

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