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Another emotionally demanding month. And the next ones might be somehow similar. There’s been some updates on the Exhibitions and events page.


That means I’ll be among the exhibitors while I’m also a part of the group organising the event.

I’m a little tired having so much going on. I hope I’m not forgetting anything. In fact, I know I am. I’m not writing. I’m far behind on that field. I’ve been focussing on several collective involvements and the 3 exhibitions coming up. But that is only true for the last few days as I collected the pictures from the lab for November 11th and December 16th.

I’ve also been thinking and working on remodelling my site. It already shows if you venture in the painting section. The necessary push came from an encounter with my former art teacher. It’s only the second time we meet again, me being an adult. I’m so grateful for his advice and cheering.

I’ve had a nice share of positive rushes these last weeks. I came across a call for artists that was very tempting and made me think about the artists around me I’m eager to work with. The deadline seemed to close to gather around. But I kept thinking about it and at some point told a colleague how much I was thinking of her because of it. Sepideh Rahaa had told me very bluntly she wanted us to work together, that’s why my thoughts kept bouncing around. And she said let’s do it. There was less than a week left to send a proposal. The way she defined the common themes in our works instantly made me think of other artists I love and wanted to introduce to each other :  Aïcha Snoussi and Lily Hook. Sepideh introduced me to Lora Dimova‘s works. And here we were, 5 artists from different backgrounds and living miles away. The energy flow was amazing. The 3 other artist we asked to join were also so enthusiastic. The stressful timing couldn’t fade our joy.

Now we cross our fingers, we should know if our project is selected before my next update around here.

New pictures were posted in the sections Materials and Structures :

Take care !

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