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Hey everyone, I’m a bit late for this month’s update as september has already begun. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster this last few days. My back is so sore, I start to think it’s better that I don’t have a packed schedule for the next months. Then I realise I just added an event in the exhibition and events page, that I’m waiting on a confirmation for a one night thing in november, have no clue when an other hanging will take place 900km away from home, I got invited to exhibit along another litterary event in winter, and in a tourist office at some point this season.

Plus, the annual general meeting of the artists’ association I’m involved in coming up, I restarted working my broadcast, and there’s a proposal that needs to be urgently wrapped up for another festival…

My plate is not as empty as I thought last month.

The night of the 24th was beautiful. Not enough breeze to freeze before 10pm and breathtaking view to the see and the Pyrénées’ skyline. I was very impressed with Caroline Duris skills : she had no time to have a proper rehearsal and the machinery that was set up on the spot was absolutely not the one she had asked for, and she still delivered very emotional sets. It was very moving on different levels. I was so happy to hear more of Camille Cornu‘s works, for myself, and in front of an audience that clearly wasn’t familiar with it. And then there was the fact that I was sitting there with her as she was discovering which parts of her texts Caroline Duris had chosen and how these were interpreted. I felt so privileged.

Caroline Duris also read poetry of hers, it was beautiful how parts of it resonated with the screening of my pictures.

Here’s what it looked like :

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

The few new pictures where added to the dedicated page, if you whant to have a closer look.

The exhibition in the windmill stays on :

New pictures were also added among Vegetal Messes and (Urban)Landscapes.

Take care !

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