Visual artist and author

July 2016

Violence unleashed all other the news. Racism and anti-poor speech still on the rise. This summer feels so heavy and sticky.

Recent gatherings helped me not to drop out. On thursday, I attended le Festival de Mourèze. I booked my tickets early to hear Leyla Mc Calla I missed almost a year ago in Paris. I knew that was the only night I’d available to enjoy the festival so I didn’t want to know too much about the other artists to avoid frustration. I hadn’t even payed much attention to the other singer programmed the same night. It’s when I heard her voice I realized. Djazia Satour. I’m so gratefull for CDs reliability when I think of these few albums I’ve listened countless times such as Dhikrayat, by MIG, her former band.

I appreciated how she introduced her song Klami dedicating it to silenced persons, groups, people.

I also found comfort hugging tight some of the organizers I know from my various participations to the artistic sent that used to take place as a part of the festival.

Wednesday was almost the same kind of night. We were on a breathtaking 360° belvédère for an event mixing wine, food, music and literature. We heard an author reading excerpts of her books. I’m keeping in mind a strong feminist statement among the texts.

It’s happening every week these until august 24th. I’m particularly focused on this last night ’cause I’m invited to participate. The texts involved will be Camille Cornu‘s. I was deeply moved by this proposal, my last exhibitions of the previous season were other for several weeks already. I realized I had nothing on my plate till july 2017 ! I felt inhibited in fact, I wasn’t able to get in touch with the editor/organizer before the recent event, though I got the news 10 days earlier. But now it’s on !

It’s still kinda delightfull seeing traces of Chouftouhonna#2 poping :


New photographs up in 2 categories : Grilles and Perspectives



Take care…


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