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I’m not yet accustomed to this monthly frequency. It still feels a little weird looking back on this period of time, with a step aside compared to my updates in french.

Even writing « may » had so much echo in me…

At the beginning of the month, I was exhausted. Moving around my sculptures and them a safe place in the house was quite demanding physically.

I was also emotionally drained by bad partnership organizing an upcoming event. I started to consider withdrawing myself from the artists collective I’m part of. Over events along these lasts weeks completely convinced me and I’ve had the opportunity to share the news to my colleagues few days ago.

In the mean time, I attended 2 different festivals. First, Festival Singulièrement Vôtre in Montpellier where I collected 21 interviews from the participating artists for Expositive‘s next season. With another one recorded 30 minutes away from home, I wrapped up this season. I was so relieved being done with that task. I started wondering if I wasn’t to give this up too.

Mid-may was Chouftouhonna time. I was honored and thrilled being invited to the second feminist art festival. It was an moving and stimulating experience. I’m still filled with the joy of meeting so many wonderful people. The energy flows around the commun purpose was exhilarating.

I’m very happy with how my workshop turned out. The sculpture was shaped all through the festival. Its skeleton was assembled before the opening and the last touches were made when the closing ceremony started.

Picture made by the organisers


I was very happy with the spot chosen by the very first participants, granted me the privilege to witness the progress of the other ongoing workshop.

I also had a particular part in watching other the process as I pledged to document it. I took over 250 picture of Aïcha Snoussi and her participants at work (and the people going by). Here’s a glimpse she compiled :


The last touch was all about reclaiming the words we put on our bodies. As we use newspaper to build the sculpture, its made with the words that are available, words we often don’t choose and that are often forced upon us. The process of choosing one’s words seemed to be very relevant for the participants looking at what came up :

For the first time in this kind of occasion, I wasn’t depressed coming back.

I got back wondering what may, or simply will come out of these growing network. The will to focus on the projects that might emerge from all these also participated in leading me to rethink my current involvements.

In the middle of all the stuff I had to deal with for the program of local events, I took the time to work on something that pleases me :

You can find the whole series on the dedicated page Corpays.

An exhibition started last night. It’s the third year I’m co-organizing this event. Proposing exhibition throughout the village of Saint Gervais sur Mare. The art pieces are visible from the streets, set up in widow shops, whether the places are still actual shops or not. Personally, this year I’m in Mrs. Crubezy’s living room some how.

For the first time since I got back from Helsinki after my residency around my participative project Of bodies in this place, the models got out of their crate. I had totally forgot I had enclosed some of the picture in it. A text presents the series and gives the link the interactive map is available.

In this context, I haven’t finished the pieces due next sunday. They must be ready beforehand as I’m leaving for another festival on friday. I didn’t mention this on my event page in english as it’s about my short stories that are in french.

New pictures were shared in the Perspective section.

Have a good month !


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