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A lot hapenned. I’ve had a lot to do the final days before delivering my pieces in Ribérac. I could say I’ve had my share of badluck. I also have to admit hox tired I was and how I kept procastinating. And when I had no other option but to deal with finishing my larger work, well it was raining, hard. So I face the issue I had with the first human size couple I made years ago. The surface was drying but the structure underneath was colapsing, which means the skin would design a shape I didn’t choose.

I riped it off. A lot of paper came along so I went back to my wall paper glue bucket. But it wouldn’t dry fast enough as I was running out of time. I thought it would be safe in it’s box. The box wouldn’t go through the door. I took the sculpture to the car under the rain and we got the box out through the window.

Thankfully it wasn’t raining in Ribérac, and a gentle wind even accelerated the process.

Here’s how it looked on openning night.

And how it looked yesterday when I came to collect my Ninouches.


During the exhibition I recieved awesome news : I’ll be in Tunis in less than two weeks :

I’m honnored and thrilled to take further part in this event.

New pictures are up in the reflection section, click on the one below, you’ll be taken there.

Take care !

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