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Running out of 2015

Happy new year everyone !

Affiche webLast weeks have been so busy I havn’t found the time to post in english. The openning of the collective exhibition (still on till the 9th in Bédarieux) was very moving as we packed the place on a monday night soom after we finished settling the pieces in the venue. In the end, I was proud to speak in the name of the association cause I was amazed by what we put together. And though we still have workshops and visits to handle, part of my work about this event is done : during his openning speach, the official representing the city invited the other members of the association to exhibit next year.

If you want to have a little virtual tour, follow this link. I gess you’ll recognize my contribution if you’ve read previous posts.

affiche MJC CarpentrasI now have to focus on my next exhibitions that starts before the current one ends. These last wednesdays, I was working in front of my installation in Espace d’art Contemporain de Bédarieux. I finished a new piece I shall bring to Carpentras. I still have to repair 2 or 3 older ones that were damaged during the trip back from Brittany.

A dear friend of friend of mind would say : « the show must go on ». I find it diffucult today. I feel pulled by a feeling of meaninglessness. My belief in what I do seems to weak to push me forward. Good thing is my shedule won’t let me stop for now.

I wonder what will come out of late january when my agenda is clearer. Sometimes I hope it’ll bring me the opportunity to make some new stuff. Sometimes think I’d better finally work on my writting after havind talked so much about it few weeks ago.

2015 as been a busy year for me.


Though I’d often rather question conventions. I feel like I can’t skip a chance to make and share wishes how utopian or foolish they may seem.

Basically, I wish you peace and love.

I also wish Basic Income experimentations be infectious cause I think it could also bring peace and love…


I also wish you a nice trip among the new pictures uploaded here and there.

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