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Back with a bad back

As expected, it’s been a very emotional week

I thank again la librairie Violette and Co for welcoming us with warmth, which helped with my stress about the whole thing. I’ve been told that one couldn’t hear my voice shaking. I had a hard time believing that as I was very impressed with the opportunity and the several dozens of people who showed up.

I found myself talking about the project I’ve worked on for years now. I shared few pages of it around. I hope I’ll de able to go further on this track next year.

Saturday we hit the road to the South. After the long drive, we’ve had to unload the car. Sunday I only went out to vote, but basically stayed in bed all day.

Only this morning I restarted working on my largest piece for the next exhibition. Here’s what it looks like now :


It’s closer to a sphere. I spent several hours modifiing it. My lower back remembers it painfullAffiche weby, that’s why I dedicate this post to my lombar.

With all these changes, I have a lot to do making it presentable. I’m thinkin of making another one as I have material around. I only have a few days to finish any piece I’d like to present as we’re hanging on sunday. Opening next monday night !

So I’m a little late for my next exhibition, the next one seems ready for me : Exhibition at MJC de Carpentras.

Looking for what was up for me next on the internet, I came across a post I hadn’t seen befor though it was posted in october, on  Jérôme Ragot’s blog. It made me think of other encounters that warmed my heart. While I was in Paris, I spent an afternoon strolling around with an artist I met in Helsinki in August. She’s in residency at CAMAC. If you have the chance to check her work before the end of the month, go ahead !

10 new pictures were added today on Perspectives.

Have a good week !

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