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Monday morning

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That’s my cue here. The moment I have look on the previous week and plan the next one(s).

Last week was very busy, first I’ve working on the piece I started in Brittany :

Paint each frame in black, let them dry, start again to have a proper tone. Paint 6 large sheets in each colour I’m using for the project, let them dry, start again with the back. Fold and cut to have a pile of the good format fot each colour. Assemble the frames together again once the papers are pined in.

I had several meetings with my fellows from Créatrices et Créateurs du Caroux au Canal du Midi to prepare the next steps in the communication around our next exhibition. I realised I had forgotten to feature myself in the files I sent weeks ago. I had to make chages on the PDF to fit in and add other informations. I also worked on a poster that’ll be submitted to the group in a few days as we’re meeting again.

I have even been working on the renovation of my home.

Then came friday night. I spent it messaging family and friends who live around Paris. Waiting for their replies. Frightened, wanting to know what, where. Not daring to switch the news flow off even though we new some informations wern’t corrected. But it was still happenning, it wasn’t over. Worrying about future increase of xenophobia, thinking of loved ones that could be directly aimed by such hatred. Not being surprised by Hollande’s public reaction, and still disappointed.. And then exhaustion due to axiety. Turn everything off and try to get some sleep. Go right back to the screen once awake. And have a stroll outside to have a lokk at how people react. And go back to bed, alternating news with romantic comedies.

Though I know I have to keep going, spreading analysis that are underrepresented and making my own thing, loving people, etc, I’m having a hard time setting back to motion.
Last night, I recieved a proposal to add another event in my calendar. I said yes. I hope it’ll help me get back on track.

This new event is set on december the 9th, in a beloved book shop in Paris. It’ll be about non binary writing and to promote des ailes sur un tracteur‘s latest publications.

You’ll find 30 new pictures on this page.

Have a good week !

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