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This translation comes a little late as the beginning of the week was stuffed with so much that needed to be done and I still can’t be reached by phone when I’m in Moncontour. So a lot happenned in the last few days :

  • I got 2 new workshops sheduled in Lille in november
  • A new exhibition is coming up before the end of the year : Sphère et Atmosphère in Bédarieux with the local artists’ collective.

Cercle chromatiqueIMG_20150727_153456          I started to work on the piece I’ll be showing for this event with a pattern already featured around here few weeks ago. The sculpture on the left was made to shade the light in the center of the piece on the right that is now hanging on a celling.


Here’s where I was at last wednesday. I didn’t work further on it as I started to wonder how I was going to get everything to fit in my car when the exhibition ends, that is soon.

As you can see the exhibition with the lights on in the backround, I give you another tour :

Something else is now official in november : 4 short stories of mine are getting (finally) published. Projet Q****, 15 nouvelles lesbo-queer  Will be out on the 16th. I’m so proud I’m featured in this collection with this awesome cover created by Maïc Batmane.

Other projects regarding books have been processed these days but these will take much longer to realise.

A few picture before leaving as I’ve been taking a lot lately and havn’t been working on those enough (no I havn’t finished with the bunch tken this summer in Finland). Check Fouillis Végétal page to see the new ones among their kind.

Have a good week…end !

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