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Here I go again

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This week-end, I left my residency to demonstrate in Paris. The weather wasn’t as nice as last year so we feared it’d be less crowded. The meeting point wasn’t clear flat place so we couldn’t see everyone in one glance. Starting to walk on the avenues, we saw we were many. And it felt good to me. It wasn’t an anonymous crowd. A lot of people I care for were there. Among which artists I love and whose works I’d love support more. To sum up, it gave me a kick and turned back on my will to be part of a queer feminist artists collective.

My local collective, les Créatrices et Créateurs du Caroux au Canal du Midi gave me some work during the week though I’m far these days. A new exhibition project came up and our administrative file finally went through. Our existence should be officially recognised and published soon now.

I’m going back to Moncontour with new ideas to work on to fit with the theme that was chosen for this new exhibition my agenda in december. In december, I hope, Des ailes sur un tracteur will publish a short stories collection with 4 of mine in. Till then, and almost soon, at the end of the month, one of those will be published in Miroir /Miroirs. And here we some how went back to the top as the cover is designed by Maïc Batmane

L’attente de l’étreinte will be my first short story published in France. A former version is available on my blog for almost 5 years. Half a decade, times goes by…


To go back to my daily activities these days, here are the 2 first articles about the residency. Another one should be published as I got up kinda early to be ready for an interview last thursday morning.

Bonne semaine !

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