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Almost straight to Moncontour

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DSC00367As planned, though you we kinda packed the car (as you can se in the picture on the left), everything couldn’t fit at once. I wrote it several times already, the project for this residency is to show paintings, sculptures and photographs, making obvious the meanings they all share.

To do so, the résidence des arts de Moncontour reserved 3 spaces for me : the western workshop, the yard and the yard’s workshop.

After unloading the car and getting in touch with the place a little close than trough a screen, I started to hang the paintings in the western workshop, that is the space that is closer to the main entrance and you need to access if you want to reach the yard. I’m not showing yet how it looks know. The first view is for the ones coming to the opening on saturday the 10th at 6.30pm.

DSC00369DSC00373When I got back there with the last pieces, one of first things I did was to set this sculpture in the window frame.



I kept working according to the order in which you go through the different spaces and set sculptures in the yard before mending the larger ones that suffered from being moved around.

I still have 98 pictures to hang in a room that is not exactly set for that yet. Some printing has to be done as a few pieces lost their informations labels and to provide extra information that mught be handy in different places along the exhibition. There’s still a lot to do till saturday, I wonder if I’ll have the time to visit the village that looks so charming.

Have a good week !

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