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From South to North and then to West

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I went West yesterday and it’s the main reason for the delay in my weekly post. DSC00254I also had a lot to do before leaving as when I unpacked the photographies series once in Lille, we noticed one picture was missing. So yesterday morning, I went in town, in Paris to pick the missing one.

The first hanging process for « J’en ai un, j’en ai deux, j’en ai eu, j’en aurai, j’en veux plus… » didn’t go smoothly, and the fact the series was incomplete doesn’t explain it all. I’ve needed quite a while to feel the space. I’m lucky I was warmfully welcome and helped out moving furniture around to get the most suitable setting and actually be able to reach top of the walls.

DSC00248Las monday, I also ran around a bit to get the equvalent of the materials I had forgotten in the South. The first workshop was sheduled on tuesday the 22th. It was supposed to last 2 hours but some participants stayed an hour and a half longer. The 20 minutes delay in the beginning, to wait for everyone to be there wasn’t such a big deal considering part of the participants came back for more hours together the day after.

I hope I’ll be able to change the time frame efficiently for the next workshops. Most of those arn’t programmed yet.

I’m really thankfull for support I got from my partner DSC00246and friends in the hanging process considering I’ve had little time to finish it with these on-going workshops !

The openning was kinda crowded at some point, and it was pleasing to see so many people gathered around the exhibition after putting so much effort in the making. The municipal official who supported the project voting for its founding also showed up :


Last tuesday, I also recieved this :

Invitation Ariane Sirota

THat is the invitation for the openning of the exhibition regarding my residency in Brittany. I’ll start bringing the pieces other on the 1st. I’m gonna need at least 2 trips to complete this task, even with my new car. Thursday feels so far for now. I wonder how I’m gonna feel about the place. How the exhibition is gonne evolve through the month. Cause that was the project I presented : working on making visible the links between the different parts of my works : photography, painting, sculpture. An other event will be sheduled at the end of the period.

With all this going on, the night of the lunar eclipse, I was sleeping. Still I give you other sky views :

Have a good week !

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