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I’m writing this post from Paris. I arrived there last night with a bunch of pieces for my residency in Brittany next month. I thought I also had some tools and materials for the workshop I’m giving tomorrow in Lille, but emptying the new car, I had to admit I had forgotten the specific bag. The car was kinda full though it takes in so much more thant the previous one. I feel like last week was like this : large but packed with actions and emotions related to different projects, places and events to come.

Tha car itself gave me quite an amount of concerns. I’m not done with processing what it means about my relationship with my tools and the property of those.

The first exhibition organised by Créatrices et Créateurs du Caroux au Canal du Midi had a nice audience concidering other events were happening at the very same moments in different places closeby. The administrative launch of our activities didn’t get the same amount of attention as we didn’t get the official registration yet thought more than 5 days haved passed, and that is the delay the official website advertises.

I finally sent a file to participate in a festival around Paris in january 2016. I also sent an application to exhibit in Aude next year. As I wrote last week, I change the framing of Trapèze before sending it to Artoteka.


The first workshop in Lille has already found its share of participants. I hope they started gavering materials as I’m gonna lack of time to do much on that matter concidering I have to find/buy the stuff I forgot at home and go grab the pictures for the exhibition I’m starting to hang tomorrow morning. I’m leaving for Lille tonight.

affiche A4If you’re there en thursday, come have a drink with us at 8pm at the LGBTQIF center, 19 rue de Condé. It’ll be shown again in this neighborhood at Chez Violette during ET BIIM, festival féministe à Lille, what a joy !

I wish you a good week, leaving you with new pictures taken in Helsinki from the Grilles page :

grillierssquarlier alusuperpilliersEscagrilumPerspegrillepersportegrillenêtre

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