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I finally reach my workshop after over 2 months away. It hasn’t been a resting week as we had a lot to clear and clean as the place was a construction site for a few weeks at the beginning of summer, which is also why I fled. Also because I used « we », and we had to complete someone’s movind in with me.

About the hard times I’ve had playing tetris in my car with all the stuff I’m moving around, these days might be other as I’m buying a new car. I’ve been very reluctant around the subject but when I read on the board that the bigger car consumed less fuel, I started to let myself convince. The other trigger in this decision maaffiche A4king was that the alternative I had was to find a trailer which I wasn’t ready to store at home as the ground floor isn’t enough welcoming yet, plus I could be worried about vibrations or even shocks not to mention humidity.

I’m not exatly at ease with my choice though. I hope the next travel will help about it as I’ll be able to move the last pieces to bring tu Brittany and still welcome extra passengers. And this is going to happen pretty soon as the exhibition I told you about last week has now an official opening date : september the 24th. More details on the facebook event.

An other event is available on the social network, about the first sculpture workshops : on september the 22nd 2 to 4 pm at Lille’s LGBTQIF center.

Tuesday night was the first general meeting of the new born association : Créatrices et Créateurs du Caroux au Canal du Midi – CCCCM. As a member of the ellected board, I sent the documents to the institution that will issue the official certificate.

The first exhibition organized by the collectiv is happening this week-end as it shows on the poster. More information is available on the event’s page.

The link in the column on the right has been updated. And a new link is now showing : the one to Artoteka’s website. The basque organisation wrote me during the summer to announce that Trapèze, from my series Corpays had been selected to be featured in their collection.


I’m expecting the last details to transfer the piece to them, hopefully before I leave my lair once again.

Here are some new pictures taken in Helsinki, you can also browse on the Perspectives page to see more of that kind :

Have a good week !

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