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The week after

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I got back from Helsinki a week ago now. I havn’t had the time to classify the pictures taken there as other projects coming are pretty demanding.

An exhibition will travel around Lille (north of France) for about 2 months starting from september the 24th. « J’en ai un, j’en ai deux, j’en ai eu, j’en aurai, j’en veux plus… » (I have one, I have two, I had some, I’ll have some, I don’t want any… ») is a photography serie made of picture taken during « Parlons seins » at the LGBT center of Paris in october 2014 for the breast cancer awarness month. The LGBTQIF center of Lille will be the first venue to host the exhibition. It’s team is also envolved in this years programm of events to raise acceptancy of asymetrical bodies and enpower people to be actors of their own health.

I’ll run sculpture workshops at the end of september and in november to participate in that matter. That means around my residency en Brittany. My works are still moving there almost bit by bit whereas I’m not moving there myself. It’s a first for me and I’ve had a hard time accepting this precious help, I admit…

Before any new exhibition, in fact, tonight, the local collective I’m involved in is creating it’s association.

Some pictures were added to Reflets :

And I almost forgot, another travelling exhibition is on these days : Liberté, Expressions d’artistes is at the former prison in La Réole


Have a good week !

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