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The end is near

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Good morning !

Only one workshop left (wednesday/thursday night), the week-end was quite busy.

Let’s see how each installation evolved :

I havn’t been able to visit our vomiting friend on saturday. It seems there was a running fest in the parc during the week-end and our spot had a role to play in this matter. Only the posters and the tiny nails in the tree were still there. No trace of the sculpture itself.

The piece of paper on the third picture is a part of the breast of the smaller character that was set nearby. The yellow paper on the floor on the fourth picture is part of the « identification » of the sculpture, matches the way it showed on the interactive map. Saturday night, three young guys were playing with a lighter on a bench not far from us when we watched the girls playing with the arm of the bigger character.

Friday night, I thought the whole sculpture was gone, even the poster had disappeared. Saturday morning, I was on the tram 3, willing to go to Kaivopuisto to check on the vomiting one when I saw something familiar in front of the parc. I wonder what happened to the couple and to the missing half. If you witnessed something, thanks for letting me know.

On saturday’s workshop, as my partner had already been helping with more than taking pictures, we went for a sculpture each :

Funny thing is, on sunday, my participant was also into making a child figure :

This is meant to be set near a sculpture, a gift from Russia as a symbol of the friendship between the two countries.

Next settings are planned on wednesday afternoon if the weather is nice enough. The exhibition is closing on the 28th, so friday might be an interesting moment to visit the gallery if you wanna see a material map and the sculpture hanging in front of the window.

I’m updating the interactive map this morning :

Have a good week !

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