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The Night of the Arts

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As planned, with the precious help of Rosamaria Bolom, we made three installations last night. We prepared the sculpture for their trip to their outdoors spot and set the gallery space to welcome visitors on that particular occasion.

We started with the couple that had been waiting for other a week to finally go outside.

Then we went back to the Third Space to collect our next piece to be set in Kaivopuisto :

Maybe you spoted in a reflection the third person who took part in our adventures and took the pictures I’m sharing today. We got back to the gallery, closed it for the night and went to set the kissing couple :

The bench was occupied so we bargained the spot in a warm atmosphere.

The gallery space feels a little empty now.

Pictures will be added to complete the notes concerning the recently set out sculptures. It’s already done on the interactive map :

You can also find more recent pictures as we went to check on all three spots earlier today :

I was kinda surprised that the representation of a large smart phone disappeared from the hands of the smaller character from the couple set close to the Third Space. Maybe someone needed the map that was pasted there.

Other sculptures will fill the gallery as workshops are coming up this week-end (from 10.30am to 4.30pm tomorrow or sunday). Only 3 workshops left if you want to take part in this project.

It feels a bit weird feeling the end getting closer while I still feel like there are plenty other sculpture that could be set out there. So many places, so much to say or underline…

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