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Good morning everyone !

The week-end’s workshops really seem to have a bad timing or something, I was on my own again to put up new sculptures. Last sunday, I tried to erect a couple in the time frame of the single sculpture, and as it actually took me almost a week to have the second character able to stand, I choose a sitting couple and started it on saturday this time. Still, it’s not exactly done yet. I also made those because I wanted to balance the arguing ones with a more affectionnate position and to bring a picture that would have someting similar to the poster, cause, yes, there’s a kiss in there.

So here’s how it happenned :

Seems I forgot to take a picture last night : though the large ones arenot done, they have heads and hands now.

As mentionned, the other sculptures have evolved too :

This is centered on the vomiting one started on the opening night but you can see in the background the sculpture that used to be henging that is finally standing.

A big installation session is ahead of us, get in touch if you want to witness that. And there are still 4 workshops to go !

Have a nice week !

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