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First sculptures set

DSC00601Yesterday was a long day.

The sculpture started the day before wasn’t exactly dry in the morning and as I had still changes to make, it didn’t really during the day. Especially as I started a new project, considering a workshop was due on that day. As usuall, I started with a model. It took me quite a while to shape two characters. I still had time to start on the larger scale but ran out of materials.

DSC00612So here we are with 3 models visible at the gallery. But only to large sculpture were ready to be set outside. I was happy to meet up with my first particpants and the process was quite fun. Before leaving, I pasted a note matching the color pined on the map hanging in the gallery with the name of the project. This morning, I changed the color on the electronic one accordingly.

The response to the presence of the sculpture in the scenery was really satisfying, A person even stopped her car to have a closer look at what we were up to ! I guess other pictures of the sculpture reached the internet before these.

The spot was chosen for the space between the wall and the mail box. Funny thing is that the business behind the wall is an action house.

I’m not very happy with the one I made on my own. It’s back was still to soft due to moisture. It’s been hard to set it up properly. It would sit on it’s back and not on its ass. I’ve had to tie it up to the fence, sadly. The time frame is OK for collective building but the 2 days long workshops of the week-end are to much to be handled with only two hands.

Extra thanks to Ikko for the pictures and everything else…

The note on this one is of an other color as it’s not a group piece. It doesn’t show on the wall of the gallery yet but here it does :

Plus the pictures are visible there too. If you’re in the neighbourhood and notice a change in the sculpture status, please share your pics : I will add this material to the map(s), this it part of the project.

Want to get involved ? 7 opportunities to participate in a workshop are still to come and you can also help by gathering. For further information go to the project’s page.

Thanks for your support !

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