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Change of plans

As the first first step workshop went in a unexpected but very nice way, I hadn’t had the opportunity to finish the model during it’s timeframe. So I did that yesterday : firstmodel

It’s not very accurate to the larger one we’re up to as I can’t feature it in the gallery the way it’ll be set on the street. But there’s still a strong link between the 2.

The purple star on the interactive map isn’t changing status until sunday I guess. Last night, my participants were showing some signs of tireness, so we worked on the large sculpture inside, without having to kneel all the time. It wasn’t drying fast enough for us to move it without too much damage at the end of the session. So if you pass by the Third Space, you can see it lying on the tables  much more advanced then on the picture here :

first building session

The rest of the time, my hands were too wet for me to think of touching my camera. And at the end of the session, I was too tired myself and forgot to capture the whole figure.

To complete the preview of what’s in the gallery :

Here you have the area we’re working on.

I hope this few more hints on the process inspire you to get involved ! It would be great to have some more help in the gathering process : this first sculpture consummed a lot of newspaper, we’re almost out of it ! If you want a reminder of the list of usefull stuff, Of bodies in this place. You’ll also find there the calendar for the workshops…

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