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First first step workshop last night

First of all, I want to thank the peolple who came last night. Thanks for taking the chance and openning the series of workshops. And thanks for what you brought to the discussion, I’m thrilled and looking forward to our building session tonight.

The maps are now hanging in the gallery but they don’t show as much as this one yet :

I’m really happy with this first workshop, we’ve had time to talk about most aspects of the project : memories connected to places, sensations, mouvement, posture, politics, etc. I affraid the timeframe might be a frustraiting in this matter, but it hasn’t been the case, this time at least. And I’m very happy there are still many workshops to come, this way if I or any participant feels frustrated not to have worked on a particular subject, we have other opportunities to catch up.


If you are curious about the project, and feel ready to enter a workshop yet, note that I’ll be at the Third Space this afternoon working on the first model and getting set for tonight’s second step. Though my hands will be busy, I’ll still be available for a chat.

I also welcome support in the gathering process, so if you have collected cardboard/newspaper/wood/etc, from 14.00 to 18.00 (then the workshop starts !) you can come to drop the materials and stay for a tea/talk if you feel like…

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