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Good morning !

Friday, I’m taking my flight to Helsinki.

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I’m deeply moved by this idea as I’m going to work on a project that I’ve been proposing for almost 2 years now. In this context, these last few days, other events have been kinda overwhelming. The most recent : yesterday, I thought my precious computer was busted (then how to blog form Finland ?!).

IMG_20150721_153603I also met challenging people and had stimulating talks that still have me thinking this morning. I’m very impatient as I have the chance to meet again few of them before I leave.

I feel my mind already busy with the next project, I’m not completely available for other things I could be doing here. The sculpture I showed you last week isn’t done yet.

Still, I’ve been able to focus enough to wrap up 2 more radio broadcasts, and I already uploaded one on Mixcloud. Maybe being on another radio help as friday night I participanted in Nasema, on radio libertaire.

The zine we want to issue at the end of the summer with the Sisters of the Perpetual took me a few more hours of work. I’ve also been dealing with other paper work for new events with them. I hadn’t wrote a thing about it yet as nothing is precisely set regarding times and places. But now it’s certain that en exhibition will take place in Lille in october.

Other projects grow impatient in me though I’ve already worked on those. But maybe that’s the point, they’re waiting for me to keep going.

I let you guess about one of those with some pictures taken in Brittany not long ago (images you can also find in Matières or Fouillis Végétal) :

Have a good week !

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