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Good morning !

As annouced last week, i wrapped up a press release for the collectiv I’m involved in (sorry only in french).

I’ve also been working for another of my invovlments, the one with the Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence.

I’ve also spent a lot of time promoting my broadcast project, a series of interviews mainly recorded during the Festival Singulièrement Vôtre #4 in Montpellier. At the beginning of the month, I sent e-mails to about 30 radio stations all other France to have the magazine broadcasted in all areas were the artists are to exhibit or have their workshop. But the download link included in my mail in now broken, so I choose to finish and publish the interview planned to air first in september. You can find it on mixcloud.

On saturday, I set in it’s new home this piece :Cercle chromatiqueAs che’s 178x176cm, it’s on the celling we’ve had to fix it (Thanks for the hands, I couldn’t have done it on my own). The finishing touch concerns lighting as the central light bulb is now in the middle of the piece. I’m off to create a kind of lampshade matching the painting :


It’s only the very beginning but you already get the idea, right ?

The other emotions of the last few days cam (obviously) from the north :

page 3rd space

More information should show very soon now.

Have a nice week !

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