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Early Brittany

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Good morning everyone ! (it was morning when I started writting this)

I left my lovely Embranouches near Paris but took the paintings that remained there after my exhibition in Montmorency to Brittany. I was hoping to be able to stuff the larger car I borrowed with the whole series but 2 sculptures were left behind, bringing me back to « how I’m I gonna do to bring the rest without spending to much energy/money ? ». Cause, yeah, I’m super glad I got selected for a residency program, but this one doesn’t cover much expenses.

These days, I’m also working for the collective as we’re preparing a first group exhibition and a general meeting to become an association on a larger territory. That’s for september, and as I want the more people to know about these events, I want to issue a press release before the end of the week. So that will be my main task for the following days.

Concerning the next event acutally coming up in my calendar, I’ve been closely in touch with the Third Space recently to set the dates for openings and workshop. I really feel the pressure rising (more than the excitement, sadly).

Other stuff are happening, concerning other groups and other maybe up coming events. It’s not clear enough yet to write about that though I feel deeply stimulated about both processes.

Have a nice week !

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