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This is my first post here, the english version of the blog I’ve been running for 4 and a half years. It’s not my first post in english though, I wrote in both french and english for a while 2 years ago, coming back from Berlin where I met faboulous people. People I’d love to see again. And one particular person I had the chance to meet again twice since. They moved me, challenged me. Without the perspective to see them, I don’t think I would have gone to Amsterdam to attend Queeristan bringing a big sculpture with me. There I met other faboulous people like a member of the team behind the Third Space where my next exhibition will take place. That’s why it was high time for me to grab the bull by the horns and settle a complete translation of my pages. Complete is overated as the pages concerning my writing won’t be translated I have to say.

I guess it’s also time for me to publicly announce that some of my short stories will be publishied by the end of year. Most of caracterized by a queered language.

You might read some weird things around here that is no attempt to queer english language but just a lack of concentration (or of good enough english) from me in the making of the second site. Please let me know if you spot something while you’re surfing.

IMG_1829As I’m writing this post, the menu on the top on the admin page here shows a rainbow. It’s been this way since the supreme court of the United States of America ruled in favor of openning marriage to a larger group of people. It made me smile for a sec, then this worldwide celebration annoyed me. I think I would have felt different if the rainbow had showed up only for the 28th. The anniversary of the Stonewall riots lead by Queer an Trans People Of Colour.

Originally, the rainbow designed by Gilbert Baker had 8 colours. The pink and turquoise disappeared for technical reasons and never showed up again, which is sad to me as they were symbolizing sexuality and art/magic, subjects I’m very keen on. These 2 meaningfull colours were discarded and so are the demands of QTIPOC folks concerning their rights and the respect for their lives.

The whole world doesn’t revolve around the USA. So much stuff happening these days. People chased by the police in the streets of Paris, mostly oppressive discourse heard about the greek situation, people dying because of a heatwave without media coverage/collective outrage/massive help sent, people getting shot here and there… The poor nonwhite folks lives are clearly not considered as valuable as rich white people’s ones.

I don’t feel like celebrating. Or not this way, I can celebrate the memory of the activists sometinmes getting ereased in the stroytelling. Such as Sylvia R.Rivera and Martha P.Johnson. A year ago, I had the chance to reenact the beginning of the riots among the Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence and I was deeply moved to play Sylvia’s part during the first « mass » during the Solidays festival, and doing so participating in the transmission of the herstory. I hope I’ll be able to do it again (this way or another)

I’ll try to focus on hope, cherishing the many posts I came accross that urge us to demand more social and legal recognition for our journeys.

In this context, I want to share a quote that Sister CliTotem refers to very often : « Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. »

Have a good week !

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